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How do I set up email on my smartphone/android/kindle/tablet device?
Posted by on 26 June 2013 03:04 PM

In order to configure your phone to sync with your UNH email, contacts, calendar, tasks, etc... please follow the instructions below. Every Android phone/tablet is a little different so the instructions may vary slightly, but the settings are essentially the same.

IMPORTANT: By syncing your phone with UNH, you must allow your phone to accept certain policies set by UNH, such as requiring a PIN and the ability to remotely wipe your device. Once you set a PIN, make sure you do not forget it! ENTERING YOUR PIN INCORRECTLY MORE THAN 8 TIMES WILL COMPLETELY ERASE YOUR PHONE'S CONTENTS, INCLUDING PERSONAL PICTURES, DOCUMENTS, MUSIC, ETC...


Step 1: Navigate to your system settings. This can usually be done by clicking the Apps icon Apps Icon on your home screen, then clicking on the settings icon Settings Icon.


Step 2: Once in the system settings, find the section that says "Accounts" and click "Add Account."

Step 2

Step 3: The account type you want to add is going to be called "Corporate", "Active Sync", "Active Directory", "Microsoft Exchange Active Directory" or something of that nature, depending on the make/model/software version of your phone.

Step 3

Step 4: Enter your UNH email address and password in the fields provided. Your password is case-sensitive.

If you want to send email from this account by default, you can tick the checkbox; otherwise, leave it blank.

If there is a "Manual setup/configuration" checkbox, check it and proceed to the next step. Otherwise, proceed to the next step.

Step 4


Step 5: On this screen, you'll want to change some of the settings that have been automatically selected for you...

  • Change Domain\Username to your AD username (e.g. if your username is abc123, set it to \abc123)
  • Change the server to

Step 5 

Once this is done, click Next

Step 6: At this point, it should tell you that it needs to enable certain security features, such as a PIN, in order to sync with your corporate network. Once you set a PIN, make sure you do not forget it! ENTERING YOUR PIN INCORRECTLY MORE THAN 8 TIMES WILL COMPLETELY ERASE YOUR PHONE'S CONTENTS, INCLUDING PICTURES, DOCUMENTS, MUSIC, ETC...

Press OK, then Activate

Step 6 Step 6b

Step 7: Select which items you want to Sync with your corporate email account. If your phone offers the option to sync SMS messages (text messages), I highly recommend you DISABLE this feature, otherwise it will send all text messages to your email account. Please note that even if you sync your Outlook address book with your phone, it is possible to filter your address book to exclude these numbers, unless you perform a search.
Step 7
Step 8: Give your account a nickname (e.g. UNH) and press Done! It may take several minutes for your phone to sync up all of the email/calendar/settings/data with UNH's servers.
Step 8
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