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Security Basics for Mobile Devices
Posted by on 25 November 2013 03:47 PM


Choose brands and models of mobile devices that have the options referenced below. Use all available security options that your device offers:

  • Activate automatic locking of the device based on an inactivity time-out, holstering the device, etc.
  • Require password to unlock or turn on the device.
  • Use good password practices: do not share your password, do not use easily guessed passwords, follow university password policy whenever possible.  Activate self-erase or self-wipe option following entry of a number of incorrect passwords
  • Activate the remote wipe option and learn how to execute it remotely
  • Turn on “find my device” type of functionality, if available
  • Activate encryption if possible

Note: Most of these security features are automatically activated once you sync up your phone with your UNH email/exchange account.

It is a violation of policy to put restricted or sensitive university information in un-approved off-campus services, such as public cloud based services, that have not been reviewed for security through the standard IT Vendor Contracts Security Questionnaire, and covered by a strong contract that protects university information. Be alert for mobile apps that may use cloud based storage.

Report the loss or theft of a device that is used to access UNH data or services immediately.

  • During customary work hours, call 862-4242 for the IT Service Desk.
  • After hours, call Police Dispatch, 862-1427
  • Ask the Service Desk or Dispatcher to notify IT Security.
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