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How to change the default playback or recording device (Read if you're having audio problems with Lync)
Posted by on 28 January 2014 01:35 PM

If you want your audio to come through your headset instead of your speakers, please change the default playback device to your headset. This can done by following the instructions on this page:

One of the common problems experienced in Lync is that the other person cannot hear you, you cannot hear the other person, or the sound from the other person is muffled. Usually this is because:

  • You or your partner have the wrong recording device selected
  • You or your partner have the wrong playback device selected

Possible Scenarios:

Person A cannot hear person B, but person B can hear person A.

This means that either: Person B has incorrectly selected their recording device, OR that Person A has incorrectly selected their playback device. Follow the instructions below to modify your default playback and recording devices.

Neither party can hear each other

Solution: Have both parties check the playback device, followed by the recording device. Follow the instructions below to do this.


To modify your default Playback and recording devices, please follow these instructions:

Once you complete these steps, please make sure you restart Lync by right-clicking on the Lync icon in the taskbar, and selecting Exit, then opening it again by clicking on Start > All Programs > Microsoft Lync > Microsoft Lync 2010. Lync does not always accept the changed system input settings immediately.

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