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How to scan a document to your email address from the Xerox Copier/Printer
Posted by on 04 March 2014 05:12 PM

This knowledgebase article explains how to scan a document on the Xerox MFD Printers/Copiers/Scanners.

  1. Select the E-mail Function
  2. Select either "New Recipient..." or "Address Book..."
  3. Enter Recipients
  4. Select Receipients
  5. Repeat or tap Close
  6. Verify Receipients
  7. Click Start

Additional Features

  1. Change Reply-to Address
  2. Change File Name of attachment
  3. Create a searchable PDF (enable OCR/Optical Character Recognition)
  4. Create a JPG image (instead of a PDF)


When you walk up to the printer, you should see the services home screen (below):

Services Home Screen

If you do not see the services home screen, push the Services Home button.

Services Home Button


1. Select the E-mail Function

Services Home Screen - Touch Email


2. Select either "New Recipient..." or "Address Book..."

Select new recipient or address book

3. If you selected "New Recipient...", type the email address of the person you wish to email the document to (e.g.

If you selected "Address Book", type the first few characters of the person's last name or the distribution list name and tap search. You can search the address book for any UNH employee.

Enter search criteria


4. Select Recipients from search results on the left, and click +Add(To:). Names will be added to the Recipients list on the right.

Select Results

5. If you would like to add additional recipients (distribution lists or contacts), tap the Search Network Address Book... button and repeat steps 3 & 4. If you are finished, click Close.

6. Verify that the recipients are listed correctly. You may change subject of the email by tapping on the "subject" text box on the right-hand side of the screen.

Job Ready

7. Once you have verified everything is correct, lick the green Start button to the right of the LCD touchpanel to send the email.




Additional Features:

Below are additional features of the scan-to-email functionality, which will be explained here briefly. It is not necessary to adjust these settings to send an email; these are here for informational purposes in case you wish to utilize these features.

2-Sided Scanning

If scanning using the multi-page tray, and you wish to scan both the front and backs of pages, tap the "2-Sided Scanning" button at the bottom of the screen on the Email tab and select 2-sided. If the second side should be rotated (i.e. it is landscape orientated), select "2-Sided, Rotate side 2".

2-Sided Scanning

Email Options Tab

These settings can be changed in the Email Options tab

Email Options

Reply-To Email Address (In Email Options Tab)

If you change this option, the person receiving the email will still see the email coming from "", but if they click reply, it will respond to the value to enter in this field. You can search your own name/email address from the UNH address book, or enter it manually.

Message (In Email Options Tab)

You can use this option to change the body of the email you are about to send.

File Name (In Email Options Tab)

Change this option to change the filename of the attachment in the email.

Change to searchable PDF (In Email Options tab)

If you would like the contents of your document to appear as text, rather than an image, go to the Email Options tab, select File Format..., and under OCR select "searchable". This will use optical character recognition (OCR) to convert the image into text, which you can copy and paste into a Microsoft Word document, or find when you perform a search in Windows.

Email Options- Searchable PDF

More on how this works: If your PDF contains the text "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" and you search in Windows file contents for "fox", it will find your PDF document if you selected Searchable PDF when scanning the document. If you did not select Searchable PDF, it will not find this document. 

Change to JPG image

If you would like to scan the image as a JPG instead of a PDF, go to the Email Options tab, select File Format..., and select JPEG from the list of options on the right hand-side. This is useful if you want to embed the image directly (in-line) in an email.

Email Options- JPG

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