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Where do I report phishing or spam email to?
Posted by on 12 March 2014 11:03 AM

From the university:

“As you may be aware, there has been a recent noticeable increase in spam arriving at university inboxes. The Exchange team is doing what can be done to filter and reduce this nuisance but the open nature of the higher education environment reduces the options available. For those wishing to report spam, please ensure the report is sent to rather than to get the proper attention. Users can also be directed to read ‘Stopping Spam’ at”

To Report SPAM

Please forward spam to SPAM emails are emails trying to sell you stuff... Viagra, home security products, stocks, are all typical subjects of spam messages. SPAM is more of a nusance than a security threat.


Please forward phising emails to Phishing emails are emails requesting for information - such as your username, password, login information, etc. They are often asking you to "confirm" or "reset" your password, but really what they are doing is collecting the information. Phising emails cannot harm your computer by themselves, but if you respond to or take action on any of the emails, please change your password immediately at and notify IT security at 603-862-4242. It is important for them to know about it, because they can monitor your account and minimize security risks.

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