Booking Procedure for the Videoconferencing Equipment and Bridge
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Reserving Cisco Videoconference Equipment in Concord

  1. Check the calendar for the room you want to use in public folders for availability
    1. To access a public calendar, see
    2. The two rooms are the Professional Development Center and the Suncook Room
  2. Once availability is confirmed, log onto IOD Help Desk and submit a “Request a Room” ticket.
    1. Under “Technology Needs” indicate Videoconferencing Equipment. It is also a good idea to indicate if you will be using the Bridge.

Reserving Cisco Videoconference Equipment in Durham

  1. Follow the procedures to book the Peter Macalaster Conference Room. The Durham video conferencing equipment does not leave the room.

Reserving the Bridge

For videoconferences involving more than 2 sites, or when your point-to-point call requires optimal quality, or you are recording/webcasting your session.

  1. Visit
  2. Complete Conference Request online form and submit
  3. Once you receive an email confirmation, forward to Cat (just so someone else has this info, in case you win the lottery/get hit by a bus!)
  4. It is the responsibility of the meeting/event organizer (YOU!) to provide information on joining the conference—i.e., the conference number—to all participating sites.

Things You Should Know about the Bridge

  • Bridge must be reserved at least 24 hours prior to a meeting.
  • Last minute reservations may be arranged during regular business hours by calling 603-862-VIEW.
  • The bridge should be reserved for 15 minutes prior to a meeting to allow time to get equipment up and running, and 15-30 minutes following a meeting.


If you have any questions or problems, please contact Cat Jones (603-228-2084), or 603-862-VIEW (603-862-8439)

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