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Which files are backed up? / Computer backups explained
Posted by on 19 May 2014 04:58 PM

It is important to backup your files to a safe location. If your hard drive fails, you risk of losing all of your data and countless hours of your hard work. Professional data recovery services cost thousands of dollars, so it makes sense to take a few minutes now to understand your which files are backed up, to avoid potential catastrophic losses in the future.

Unless you have explicitly installed and configured software to do so, files on your computer are *NOT* backed up.

Please see the table below to determine which folders on your computer are backed up, and which are not.


Backed Up? Folder/Drive



S:\ (SharedFiles)
Y:\ (Groups)
Z:\ (Your personal drive)
Any files on BOX
Emails on exchange* (Important: Emails stored in archive folders are not backed up unless explicitly stored on the server. See note below.)

Email Archives (These are only backed up if stored on the server. See note below)



My Documents
My Pictures
My Videos
My Music
Browser Favorites
Desktop program preferences
Outlook Signatures

Anything else on your computer not specifically configured to be backed up!


Notice Regarding Outlook Archives

If your archive.pst file is stored on the server, then your emails are being backed up regularly. Yes

If your archive.pst file is stored on your local comptuer, then your emails are NOT being backed up. No


To tell where your archive.pst file is located, follow these instructions:

  1. Right click on your Archives folder within Outlook. Select Data File Properties...

    Note: Your archives folder may be named differently (e.g. Archives2, Bob's Archives, etc...)

    Right-Click Archives, select properties

  2. Select the Advanced Button

    Select Advanced

  3. Look at the filename location.

    File Location

    If the filename location begins with Z:\ or \\\, then file IS being backed up. Yes

    If the filename location begins with C:\, then the file IS NOT being backed up. No

    In the image above, the archive file is not being backed up.


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