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The IOD has a few items available for staff to borrow. This is made available on a self-service basis. There is no support included with this service.

If you require a piece of technology for a specific date, please attach a note to it, and retrieve it a few days prior to the event.

Please pick up the equipment a few days prior to your event to ensure that everything is there, working correctly, that you have all the necessary cables, accessories, power adapters, etc..., and are comfortable using the equipment. Please sign out the equipment on the sign-out sheet when you take the equipment with you.


Items available for loan in Durham (located in the grey cabinet in Casey's Office):

Items available for loan in Concord:

Additionally, the UNH Parker Media Lab in the Dimond Library has the following items available for staff to check out. Please contact them at 603-862-1756 with any questions:

  • Still cameras
  • Video Cameras
  • Audio Recorders



All equipment is shared across the IOD, and is made available on a self-service basis. If your program has a frequent need for equipment, please consider having your grant purchase dedicated hardware for your project's needs.


Specs on the projectors will be posted at a later date.



There are a few wired and wireless keyboards available in the Concord and Durham offices, available in the event that yours stops working.

Keyboard/mouse sets located on the shelf in the boxes next to the grey cabinet in Casey's office in Durham, or on the right shelf in the tech closet in Concord.

Mice are located in a plastic bin labeled "mice" in Durham.


USB/Bluetooth Conference Speakerphone

Jabra USB/Bluetooth Speakerphone

This is a speakerphone that can be hooked up to your laptop via USB or Bluetooth, or to your mobile phone using bluetooth. This equipment is handy to use if you are having a conference call in the MUB or location where it is unclear if there is a conference phone/landline available to use. You can use it on your computer via USB with Lync, Skype, WebEx, and any other program that works with a microphone, or via bluetooth using your mobile phone.

Instructions for use: These are included in the box. Power it on, hold down the bluetooth icon for two seconds, and pair your device with the unit.

Product Information:

Locations: Durham tech cabinet


Logitech Headset

Logitech B530 USB Headset

This is the standard-issue headset for IOD staff.

Product Information:

Locations: Durham tech cabinet (2); Concord (2) - See Mary Straight


We have the following list of cables, adapters, and misc items in the following offices. If you go to, and enter the Part No in the search field, you will pull up the product information page along with images of the connector.

Item Part No # in Durham # in Concord
LCD Screen Cleaner 5177 1 1
Circle cable clips (10mm) 5834 0 1
Velcro Cable Ties 6462 5 5
HDMI to DVI Adaptor 2029 2 2
DisplayPort to DVI Adaptor 4827 1 1
Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adaptor 5106 0 1
Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adaptor 5107 2 3
Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adaptor 5311 1 1
2.5mm (3/32”) Stereo Plug to 3.5mm (1/8”) Stereo Jack Adaptor 7124 0 1
3.5mm (1/8”) Stereo Plug to 6.35mm (1/4”) Stereo Jack Adaptor 7135 0 1
3.5mm (1/8”) Stereo Plug to RCA 7189 1 1
2 RCA Jack to 2 RCA Jack Coupler 7238 0 1
3.5mm (1/8") extension cable - 6ft 1 1
DVI Cable – 25ft 2097 0 0
DVI Cable – 6ft 2686 3 2
Grey Ethernet Cable - 15ft 2308 0 2
White Ethernet Cable - 25ft 2320 1 2
White Ethernet Cable - 50ft 2117 1 1
Green Ethernet Cable - 7ft or less 2303 3 6
White Ethernet Cable - 75ft or 100ft 5032 0 1
Ethernet Coupler 7286 1 1
Firewire 400 to FireWire 800 Cable - 6ft 3542 1 1
FireWire 800 Cable - 6ft 3545 1 1
HDMI Cable – 6ft 3992 1 3
HDMI Cable – 25ft 3990 0 1
iPad / iPhone / iPod Connector (3ft) 7863 2 2
Standard Power Cable (i.e. For AC to Computer) - 6 ft 5285 5 5
Figure 8 Power Cable (For small device to AC) - 6 ft 7671 2 2
RCA Extension Cable – 6ft 659 2 1
RCA Extension Cable – 25ft 2009 0 1
A to Micro 5-pin USB Cable - 6ft 4868 2 2
A to Mini 5-pin USB Cable - 6ft 107 2 1
A to B USB Cable - 6 ft 5438 3 4
A to B USB Cable - 15 ft 8618 2 2
VGA Cable – 6ft 85 3 2
VGA Cable – 25ft 3621 0 1
Component Cable - 6 ft 320 1 1
Composite Cable - 6 ft 660 1 1


Laptop Computers

We have a few loaner laptops available in Concord and Durham. Please see Mary Straight for Concord loaners, and Casey Eyring for Durham loaners.

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