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Printer Setup Information (All Printers)
Posted by on 11 February 2015 11:36 AM

The IOD has 5 Xerox Printers, listed in the chart below:

Printer Description Windows Printer Name Model Number Conway Copier ID # Tech Support Number IP Address
Concord Color 7547 IOD_Concord_Color XWC7545 CH420 603-889-8563, opt 1
Concord B&W D95 IOD_Concord_BW2 D95 CX762 603-889-8563, opt 1
Concord PDC Color 7535 IOD_Concord_PDC XWC7535 BW368 603-889-8563, opt 1
Pettee Color 7535 IOD_Pettee_XWC7535 XWC7535 BU045 603-889-8563, opt 1
West Edge Color 7855 IOD_WestEdge_XWC7855 XWC7855 TG895 603-889-8563, opt 1

Durham printers are accessible through the \\baxter\ printer server and Concord printers are accessible through the \\\ print server.


Installing the Printers:

IOD Employees:

These printers should automatically be installed on all IOD-Owned computers. If they are not, please submit a ticket!


Non-IOD Employees:

If you need to have these printers installed on a Non-IOD computer (e.g. personal computer, IHPP computer, non-UNH computer, etc...), please call Conway at 603-889-8563 and tell them that you need the printer installed on your computer. You will need to provide them with the Conway Copier ID # in the table above. This ID is also located on a sticker on the face of the printer.

Conway ID # Sticker
Above: Conway ID Tag for IOD Durham West Edge Copier


Printer Accounting Codes:

You will need an accounting code to print to the printer. Please see the Durham Office Manager (Kathy Pirie) or Concord Office Manager (Mary Straight) for the correct code to use. If after attempting to print, you get a "Invalid Accounting Code" error message, it means you are entering the code incorrectly, or you are entering the code in the wrong field. The accounting code should go in the User ID field, Account Type should be Default Group Account and all other fields should be left blank.


Accounting Codes
Accounting Prompt for XWC Series Printers
Accounting Codes for the D95 Series Printers
Accounting Prompt for D- Series Printers


Default Printer:

After you install the printers, you will want one of them to be the default. To change your default printer, follow the instructions on this page:

Technical Support Information:

All printers are maintained by Conway Office Solutions. Conway can be reached at 603-889-8563.


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