BOX collaboration for Non-USNH employees
Posted by Art Frick on 17 April 2015 05:31 PM

Have the individual (or you as a representative) go to:


Complete Account information, and click on Continue.

image of box setup screen

They will see a confirmation screen directing them to go to thier email account to confirm their email address and to activate the account.

image of email confirmation

Click on Verify Email. The email will look like this:

image of verification email

When they click on Verify Email, the user will be brought to a Box Welcome Screen (click on “Let’s get started” button in the pop-up window).

image of Box welcome screen

They'll then be walked through a quick tutorial on Box Folders, Files, Sharing, etc.

image of Box walkthrough

At the end of the tutorial, click on “Go to My Account”

image of the end of the tutorial screen

Once they (or you) have completed these steps, send an email to the shared-folder owner informing them that there is a new Box account provide them with the email address used to register.


Once the folder-owner receives the email address, they can invite the new user to the shared folder.


When the folder-owner completes this step, the new user will receive an email which will have the link to accept the invitation.

image of view folder web page.

Click on “View Folder” in the email to accept the invitation.  The next time they log in to Box, they will be able to access and view the files stored in this folder.



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