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Options for public folders (Folder Assistants and Send As Permissions)
Posted by on 24 July 2015 10:47 AM

A public folder is an email address that can be accessed by multiple staff. For example, is a public folder used to collect general contact emails from the public. Public folders can be accessed by following these instructions.

Two options available for public folders include Folder Assistants and Send As Permissions.

Folder Assistants

Folder Assistants automatically apply rules to inbound email messages. For example, you can automatically forward all email to to your own email address. Or you can set up an auto-responder to let the sender know that their email message has been received.

To configure a folder assistant, Right-Click on the public folder you wish to assign an assistant to and select Properties.

In the window that appears, on the General tab, select Folder Assistant...

Click Add Rule...

To apply this rule to every message received, leave the top fields (the "conditions" fields) blank.

To notify the sender that the email message has been received, tick the "Reply with" box and edit the reply-to template email that opens.

To forward the message to another email address such as your personal email address, tick the "Forward" box and enter the email address to forward the message to. The three options are:

  • Standard: This forwards the message just like any other email. The forwarding recipient will recieve the message from the public folder's email address.
  • Leave Message intact: This redirects the message to the specified email address. The forwarding recipient will recieve the message from the sender's email address.
  • Forward as attachment: This forwards the message as an attachment. The forwarding recipient will recieve the email message as an attachment, but the message containing that attachment will be from the public folder's email address.

In cases where you want to be able to click reply to respond to an email, it makes sense to use Leave message intact option. In cases where you want to be notified there is an email in the public folder, using the standard method might make more sense.


Send As Permissions

If you would like to send an email FROM a public folder, so that the recipient see's the message coming from the public folder, your account will need to be assigned Send As permissions. To do this, please submit a ticket to IOD Help Desk or the UNH Service Desk.

Once your account has been given send as permissions, create a new email message as you normally would, select the Options tab, and select From (if it is available as an option). Then select From drop-down menu that appears in the email, select other email addresses, and enter the email address of the public folder. Try sending a test email to yourself and verify that it is FROM the public folder.

If you run into any problems with this, please contact the IOD Help Desk.

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