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Booking procedure for the Peter Macalaster Conference Room at West Edge
Posted by on 28 October 2011 04:12 PM

These are instructions for booking the Peter Macalaster Conference Room at West Edge. To book a Concord Conference Room, please fill out the form at:

In order to book the Peter Macalaster Conference Room (Formerly Known As the "IOD Durham Conference Room") in Outlook 2007, the room must be invited as a Required Participant, and NOT AS A RESOURCE!  By default, Outlook 2007 schedules the room as a resource, so you must manually change it. 

There are a number of different methods for booking the Conference Room Calendar which will work, but the most important part is that the room is booked as a required participant.

Note: If you previously booked a meeting by directly booking it in the Conference Room calendar, you will not be able to delete or modify it.  Please contact Kathy Pirie to delete previously booked meetings, and then reschedule them using the method described below.

Note: Outlook 2010 users can book the Peter Macalaster Conference Room as a resource or participant (it doesn't make a difference).

Address Book



Below is one possible method for booking the calendar:

1. Open Microsoft Outlook, and go to New > Meeting Request. Make sure you click on the drop-down tab to the right of New.

Tip: You can also create a meeting request directly in your own calendar, and then invite the conference room as shown in step 2. This pre-fills in the date/time for your meeting.

Tip: If you create a meeting request, as opposed to an appointment, you will not need to click Invite Attendees.  The Invite Attendees function essentially converts your appointment into a meeting request.

Note: Outlook 2010 users should go to New Items >  Meeting from the "Home" tab.

New > Meeting Request


2. Click the To... button

Click the To... Button


3. Type Peter Macalaster Conference Room in the search field and click the Required -> button.  

Note: Outlook 2007 users will get an error message if they click the "Resources" button. 

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If the Conference room is available, you will receive an email that the Peter Macalaster Conference Room has accepted your invite.

If the Conference room is unavailable, you will receive an email that the Peter Macalaster Conference Room has declined your invite.


Please note, if you schedule a recurring meeting for an indefinite amount of time, it will only book 4 years worth of meetings in the Conference Room Calendar.  If you really need to have an indefinitely booked meeting, please contact Kathy Pirie.


Please contact Kathleen Pirie if you have any questions or require assistance.

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