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I recently got married and would like to update my information in the Exchange Global Address Listing (GAL) and the online faculty/staff directory. How can I do this?
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A: To change your information in the GAL, contact the UNH IT Service at 2-4242 and let them know exactly what you would like changed. After your identity is verified, the service desk will forward the request to the Exchange administrators, who will make the change.

To update your information in the faculty/staff directory, as noted on the directory website:

Faculty, faculty emeriti or staff who wish to change or correct their records in the directory have three options:

  1. Send an email that specifies the required change to
  2. Mail the requested change to Human Resources, 2 Leavitt Lane, Attn: employee records
  3. Fax the requested change to a confidential, dedicated fax line at Human Resources: 2-0517.

Human Resources provides a contact (local address form) for your convenience, though its use is not required.

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