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How to change the preferred network adapter order in Windows 7
Posted by on 22 March 2012 10:20 AM

This tutorial will instruct you how to change the preferred network adapter order, so that in the event multiple network interfaces are active, such as a wired ethernet and wireless connection, traffic flows over your preferred network.  This is generally done to ensure that your wired connection takes precedence over your wireless when both are connected.


Press the Windows key or click on the start menu icon Win 7 Start Menu

Type Network Connections and select the View Network Connections option
View Network Connections

Tap the Alt key on your keyboard and a menubar should appear within the window.
Advanced Settings

Go to Advanced > Advanced Settings...

In the Adapters and Bindings tab, single-click Local Area Connection to select it, then use the arrow icons on the right to move the item to the top of the list.  Your network interfaces may be different from the ones shown in the image below.
Adapters and Bindings Window

Press OK

Close the Network Connections window.


That's it!  Traffic will now flow over your wired ethernet connection when both your wireless and wired connections are active.  If only your wireless connection is active or there is a problem with your wired connection, traffic will still flow over your wireless.



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