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How do I undelete a file or folder in Windows 7?
Posted by on 22 June 2012 09:53 AM

Note: This article refers to undeleting a file/folder by restoring a previous version.  If you are unsuccessful using this method, you may attempt to un-delete a file using a utility such as Recuva. This method is generally more complicated than the one described in this article below, and will not work when you are trying to restore a previous version because the current version has become corrupted.

If you have accidentally deleted or overwritten a file or folder; or a file or folder that you were working on has become corrupt and you need to restore back to an earlier date, please follow these instructions.

In Windows Explorer, navigate to where the file/folder should be.

Right click on the folder that contains the file/folder you wish to restore, and select Properties.

Click on the "Previous Versions" tab

Previous Versions

Locate the most recent version that you think contains the file/folder, or an uncorrupted version of the file/folder.  For example, if you accidentally deleted a file, the most recent version containing the version will probably be at the top of the list.

Open this most recent version by double-clicking on the folder from the list.

WARNING: DO NOT CLICK THE "Restore..." BUTTON!  The restore feature will overwrite the entire contents of your current folder, and replace it with the snapshot from the previous version folder.

Find the files you need to retrieve, and copy them into a new folder or location before overwritting anything.  Once you have confirmed the files are correct, delete your old or corrupted files as to avoid updating the incorrect file.

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