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Can I convert this PDF to Word?
Posted by on 24 September 2012 01:24 PM

The answer is sometimes yes, sometimes no.

This isn’t really a true conversion—it’s more of a method for being able to edit the text by copying it, pasting and editing in Word, and then reconverting to PDF. Acrobat Pro users have some ability to edit the text directly in the PDF if it is selectable, but major changes should be made via copy/paste to Word if the original file from which the PDF was created is unavailable/inaccessible.

For everyone else, if you can select the text, copy and paste it from the PDF into Word and proceed. There may be some slight changes (non-standard character errors, spacing errors).

If it selects like an image (not line by line), such as with the image below, then you cannot copy/paste/“convert” to Word.



If the text selects like this, you CAN copy and paste into word:


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