Setup/Install Guide for Jabber-Movi
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Installation Instructions

If you are an IOD Staff Member, and need access to the general IOD-Movi account, please submit a ticket to get setup. You will be placed in a policy that will automatically update your address book and other settings required for Movi.

1.1: Download Jabber/Movi Client

This file is attached to the bottom of this article. Click Next, Accept the terms, and Install the software as you would any other program.

1.2: Launch Jabber/Movi Client

Launch the Jabber/Movi Client. It is located in Start > All Programs > Cisco > Cisco Jabber Video for TelePresence

1.3 Click on the settings icon and select Sign-in Settings

Configure the settings as follows:

Uncheck Start Jabber Video when I log on to my computer
Internal Server:
External Server:
SIP Domain:

Click OK.

Sign in using the IOD account, the username is iod-jabber. Please submit a ticket if you need the password.

The SIP address to call you is


Support Page for MOVI (Jabber)


Addresses of all IOD/Cisco/Jabber accounts:

  • ConnectNH Bridge:;
  • - The distance learning equipment in the IOD Durham Conference Room
  • - The larger distance learning equipment in Concord, typically in the PDC
  • - The smaller distance learning equipment in Concord, typically in the Suncook or Lilac Room
  • - A Jabber/Movi account used by Pettee hall
  • A Jabber/Movi account used by Pettee hall
  • (This is the general IOD jabber account, which was previously called “UNHIOD”)

Advanced Configuration Settings for Movi:

  • internal:
  • external:
  • domain:

Technical Support Information

If you have any problems getting Jabber to work, please contact Bill Hurd at 603-862-0721. Tell him you are with the IOD.

 jabbervideosetup4.6.exe (13.89 MB)
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