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How do I insert the file name and path into a document?
Posted by on 17 October 2012 11:02 AM

For printed forms, you may want to have the path to the document on included somewhere on the form itself, such as the footer.


For example, if you have a printed vacation request form, you may want the footer to include a note such as:

S:\Administration & General Office\Procedures & Forms\Forms & Checklists\Earned Time Vacation Request Form.doc

This explains where the form came from.


To insert the file's path, go to your word document, place the text cursor where you wish to insert the path (such as the footer, or in the docment somewhere), and navigate to Insert > Quick Parts > Field.  In the list on the left, select FileName, and then for options, ensure that Add path to filename is checked.  Press OK.

You should now have the document path in your document.


If you wish to update the file path, because it has changed, right-click on the field and select Update Field.  The path should be updated.

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