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Welcome to the IOD Helpdesk!
Posted by Art Frick on 23 August 2018 04:35 PM

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the IOD Helpdesk. This space is where you go to create tickets for technical and web support, and booking different conference rooms in the Concord office via the IODIntranet. Additionally, we have a variety of articles in our knowledgebase that you can peruse to learn more about general technology at the IOD and find quick answers to commonly asked questions and issues.

Since we are a part of the University of New Hampshire (in fact, the 2nd largest institute on campus), we share a bunch of technology such as Office365, BOX, Zoom, and VPN access. UNH IT also has a knowledgebase that covers many issues that you may be having and has tips and tricks on using those products more efficiently and successfully.

Lastly, if there are any service outages (VPN connectivity issues, Outlook trouble, Skype issues), they'll be posted on the UNH IT Service Announcements page.

Remember the golden steps to troubleshooting ANY piece of technology:

  1. Is the thing turned on?
  2. Are the cables plugged in?
  3. Did you try restarting?
  4. Submit a support ticket or call the UNH Helpdesk at 603-862-4114